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Tooth extraction or dental surgery is no more an issue of fear and pain with the introduction of sedation dentistry

In today’s world, everybody possesses a secret desire to look beautiful. Though men and women both desire to have a beautiful figure, we all know that beauty lies in the face and a pleasant smile with set of flashing teeth can make your day. But it has been observed that in many cases, people refuse to smile just because they don’t have an attractive set of flashing teeth or and unshaped or broken set of teeth.

There are many reasons for which people have to undergo for the tooth extraction treatment such as; tooth decay, gum disease, fractured teeth or malformed teeth, etc. There are many people who start to fear whenever they have to undergo for tooth extraction. This type of phobia is known as odontophobia and it restricts people from visiting the doctor or receiving any type of dental treatment. But with the advancement of science, nowadays there are several methods by which dental surgery or tooth extraction can be done without giving any type of pain. Once such process is sedation dentistry and by this doctor will make the patient, fearless, relax and calm even they are going to have a surgery or extraction, not only that this process is also useful for those patients who have a tendency to move too much while undergoing any treatment. By sedation process, dental treatment will be faster and more effective.

Sedation dental treatment is very much effective and it can be so much efficiently that your dental problem may be solved by just a single visit. Now coming to the details, sedation can be done in several ways. One common process is by using nitrous oxide, which is known as laughing gas in the market. This oxide gas is basically used to make the patient relax during the time of the extraction or short duration surgery. During this type of sedation procedure, the doctor will place a small rubber nose piece over the patient’s nose so that he or she can inhale the gas. Once the patient will inhale it, the gas will start to work within a minute. This gas will make him or her relaxed and clam and in between the doctor will do his job without giving any hint or pain.

Another sedation process is oral conscious sedation. In this process the patient will be a given a pill which he or she have to take on an empty stomach. Once the pill is diluted, it will start to work and will make the patient a little bit sleepy but conscious. In this state of mind the patient will be fully relaxed and calm and will not become anxious about the treatment or what is going on. The patient will become less aware about the environment around him or her. This sedation process completely depends on the patient’s body system and as the pill takes some time to start its work, this sedation is quite difficult and only used for those patients who a little fear for dental treatments.

There is another sedation process known as Intravenous or in the vain sedation. In this type of treatment sedative drug will be injected into the patient’s body through their vein and this drug will make them sleepy but conscious. Hence, the patient will remain sleepy or in a calm state of mind, but conscious to respond to the dentist’s call. This sedation is used for the patients who are suffering from dental phobia and hence doesn’t allow the doctor to do his job quietly.

The drug sedation process has several advantages such as; it will make the patient sleepy, but conscious just like he or she remains in the dream, not only that this process is also very effective rather than the laughing gas sedation process or oral sedation. Sedation starts to work immediately so it helps the doctor to do his job in less time. Moreover, this drug is very much effective that the patient won’t have any memory of the dental treatment and in this process sedation can be maintained according to the patient comfort level. Hence, if you have to undergo any dental treatment, then sedation dentistry is always the best option to opt in.

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