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Tips for Creating a Home Gym

Do you enjoy regular exercise and working out but jus tare not comfortable in a large gym setting?  For those days when the weather won’t cooperate and you’d still like to get in a good work out, consider outfitting a personal gym in your home. Take these recommendations culled from fitness and design experts and you’ll soon be steps away from your own personal gym. There’s no time like the present to get started.

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and check out the great interiors options available at Home Decorators Collection. If you’re fortunate enough to have a separate room in your dome to dedicate to a home gym space, you’ll have a personal gym set up in no time. Otherwise, consider sharing space in a guest room or office. Avoid setting up a personal gym in your bedroom.  If you’re starting with a blank slate, select a soothing shade of blue. Research shoes this is a calming color which can help destress to better engage in a rigorous workout.

Select at least two full length mirrors and place each on opposite walls approximately yoga routines and weight lifting, its recommended to have a mirror to correct any issues with your form or movements.  Consider investing in a multipurpose exercise machine such as an incline treadmill, Stairmaster or rowing machine. Otherwise, Kegel balls, floor mats and assortment of weights should be great to get started. Stretch bands are great weight to build muscle and tone without bulk.

Finally, consider investing in a sound system for the space.  Listening to your favorite tunes while working out is always motivating.  If the budget allows, a smart TV would be a welcome addition for all those work out videos and tips you’ve been promising to give a try. Make sure the window in the room is functioning properly for ease of opening on those occasions when you’d like to enjoy fresh air during your workout. Best of luck to you setting up and enjoying your personal home gym!

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