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Different ways to treat Varicose veins

The veins which get enlarged or twisted are termed as varicose veins. They are mostly seen in the legs but can also be spotted in other areas of the body. These days the varicose veins are one of the most disturbing diseases which can be seen in human bodies. Most commonly the varicose veins are seen in the superficial veins of the legs. Besides a cosmetic problem, the varicose veins are also very much painful especially while standing. Although life threatening conditions are uncommon but severe long stands can lead to much disturbing problem like leg swelling. Now lots of people will wonder how varicose veins are treated. Well, these days due to the advancement of science, treatment of varicose veins have become much simpler than before it was. There are many medical processes through which the varicose veins can be treated. Today due to the advancement of medical science and introduction of technology in the department of medical sciences, many people are getting cured of the disease. Except medical treatment the varicose veins can be treated through changing the lifestyle of the patient. It depends upon the symptoms. If the varicose veins cause few symptoms then by changing the lifestyle of the patient is the best treatment, but if they cause humongous amount of symptoms then the patient should be subjected to medical treatment without fail.

The basic treatment of this ailment is always changing the lifestyle. This prevents the varicose veins from further deteriorating and it also reduces the pain. It also delays spreading the disease to other veins. It is one of the most important methods of how are varicose veins treated.  These following points are included in lifestyle change:-

  • Do not sit or stand for a long time without any break. Always take small breaks. Do not cross the legs while sitting. See that your legs remain straight while sleeping or taking rest. Raising your legs above your heart is a good exercise for treating varicose veins.
  • Try improving your muscle tone through various physical activities. This helps the blood flow smooth.
  • Loose excess fat and weight if you are obese or over weighted. This eases the pressure on the veins and improves your blood flow.
  • Try to avoid tight clothes. They make varicose veins worse. Avoid tight clothing at your legs, groin or waist.
  • Try using shoes which have a lower heal. It tones the calf muscles and it helps the blood flow normal in the body. Avoid high heels for as long as possible.
  • You can also use compression stockings, but only under the consultation of your doctor. A gentle pressure is created due to this stocking which helps to decrease the swelling in your legs.

Through these few methods you can easily reduce your swelling and your pain if you have varicose veins. Always remember to maintain your body weight and height ratio and also do not give much stress in your affected area.

If the treatment of varicose veins is not possible through changing your lifestyle, then the doctor will surely recommend you about the medical procedures. It either closes down your varicose veins or removes them without affecting the flow of your blood. When the varicose veins are removed the blood continues to flow through the other veins of your body. With minor and temporary side effects like bruising, simple skin disorders and slight pain, there are various medical treatments through how varicose veins can be treated. These following few processes are sure to treat varicose veins if performed properly, via an expert and also under doctor’s recommendation:-

  • Sclerotherapy is the process of closing varicose veins through the use of liquid chemicals. The chemical is usually inserted inside the varicose vein, and it causes a lot of scarring and irritation inside the vein, which in turns closes the varicose veins and it fades away.
  • Microsclerotherapy is used for the treatment of extremely small varicose veins and spider veins also. Here also small amount of liquid chemical is inserted inside the veins which causes irritation and closes off the veins.
  • Laser surgery is the process through which varicose veins fade away through the use of light energy or lasers. In this process no cutting or injection is required.  Very small varicose veins are treated through this process.
  • Endovenous ablation therapy is the process of curing varicose veins through the use of radio waves or through lasers. In this process a small tube called catheter is inserted inside the varicose vein. A device at the tip of the tube heats up and slowly the vein fades away due to the heat.
  • Endoscopic vein surgery is the process of closing a varicose vein through the use of a surgical device inserted inside the vein.
  • Ambulatory phlebotomy is the process of removing varicose veins located near the skin. In this process the surgeon will make small cuts in your skin to remove the veins.

Through these few ways your disturbing and disgusting varicose veins can be removed from your life. All the ways mentioned above should be always performed under expert guidance and also if advised by the doctor. The above mentioned processes are extremely delicate and may become fatal if not performed properly.

Sometimes it is seen that some part or area of your foot has swollen, the veins have twisted and have taken a bluish color. No doubt that this particular symptom forecasts the varicose veins. Sometimes people confuse varicose veins with spider veins. The spider veins may also show similar symptoms, but are much smaller in size. These days’ varicose veins are spotted frequently all over the world and the question how are varicose veins treated is also becoming more and more frequent. With the advancement of science and technology and through the introduction of various modern technological equipments in the field of medical science and surgery, the treatment of varicose veins became much simpler than it previously was.

How varicose veins can be treated? Well the answer is quite simple. The varicose veins can either be treated by changing the lifestyle or through various medical processes. The basic symptoms of varicose veins are excess pain, swollen area and unnatural twisting of veins. If the symptoms are mild the doctor may prescribe you various exercises and also other ways to change your life style. You are required to maintain your height and weight ratio and also not to give excess stress to your affected areas. If the symptoms are severe, then the doctor will prescribe various medical processes to cure the disease.

If you think you are suffering from varicose veins, do not freak out. Stay calm and consult a good doctor about what to do and what not to do. Although you may feel severe pain, you may also suffer from inferiority complex and other several problems. You just need to keep calm, trust your doctors and strictly follow all the instructions he or she will provide about how varicose veins can be treated. You should always remember all the above mentioned steps. It will surely help you to recover from this disease and also enjoy a happy life ahead.

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